Stomachache? Have a ‘Tsunami’ and a Cigar…

Health experts have long given credit to Communist leaders for insisting on universal health care and and the use of traditional, holistic and organic medication.

But, according to Hugo Chavez, Fidel — though “fighting a great battle for life” — has his own special concoction for his tummy travails:

“Fidel has a formula for stomach problems and gases and heartburn — the tsunami,” Chavez said. “Fifty percent oatmeal, 25 percent whole rye flour, and the other 25 percent whole wheat flour. You mix all that and it’s a marvel because it’s pure fiber and it cleans the stomach, all the digestive paths.”

Source: Reuters

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  1. Is this the secret for the long healthy life Fidel had? I just quit smoking and seeing Fidel smoking that cigar makes me feel sorry for my decision. I miss cigars!

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