tsunami: 26 Dec 2004

One year ago, a surprise tsunami crossed the Indian Ocean following a 9.2-richter Earthquake at day break.

An estimated 225,000 lost their lives.

The tragedy of the greatest natural disaster of my lifetime did change the world; or at least exposed how the world has shrunk.

The best is yet to come, no doubt — there will never be another 2005.

Stormtrack has an archive of the footage that changed our perception of the world and human vulnerability here.

The Malkin Cartel links to a Flickr gallery of the missing….

Appreciated in light of the disrespectful strategy of her hard-right-blogging comrades in trashing the UN for not saving the world according to this UPI release. All I can say is: ask John Bolton to name three catastrophic humanitarian disasters that have occurred in 2005.

Let us celebrate the end of another year…. and hold the faux glamorization.

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