Saddam Trial Disastrous, Adjourned for six weeks

Saddam Hussein

Donald Rumsfeld, please come back from China and explain yourself! Why are you hiding in China?

“I said what I said, I am not guilty, I am innocent,” Saddam told the court after charges that included torture, murder and forced imprisonment were read out.

Check all the key quotes here.

In my opinion, and in the opinion of many Iraqis, the trial is meaningless and yet another example of the U.S. Government diverting attention from the real problems plaguing the President‘s War.

From the Case School of Law: Groatian Moment, a blog on the Saddam Hussein trial.
Summary of various news reports from The Belmont Club.
While Saddam declared the court “illegal,” even the presiding judge admitted he felt stripped of his identity because he was not allowed to wear his traditional garb in the court.

David Folkenflik reports on NPR this morning: For journalists, its not a matter of if you get shot at upon entry to the “Green Zone,” its a matter of when.

Listen to his disturbing collection of reports from journalists in Iraq.

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