Port Portenders

Is it just me, or is Bush revelling in the fact that both parties in Congress are actually coming together over something.

The administration realizes that the only way they’ll get anything accomplished, be it domestically, or in the middle east, is to go to extremes and then meet in the middle. (See the cutting off funds to Palestinians v. Hamas not recognizing Israel debate).

I’d say the screen is firmly in place for Bush’s new programs to proceed unquestioned, despite Donald Rumsfeld‘s curiously revealing speech last Friday at the Council on Foreign Relations.

The administration plays this game so well, with EVERYONE buying into pump-fakes by Frist, et al, that headlines are even floating with echoes of Bush’s threat to veto a vote against the port deal.
Ha! I mean the likelihood of this President vetoing ANYTHING is even more remote than the odds on my favorite baseball team winning the world series.

Bush and Congress are hardly in cahoots. I’m not buying it for a second — seeing his cronies snuggling up with Dems is his dream come true. The potential difficulties with corporate ownership of ports of entry, on the other hand, is an entirely different (and actually pertinent) issue.

UPDATE: Eben Kaplan at the Council on Foreign Relations breaks down the ports (non)issue. AP: Bush Unaware of Port Deal Until After Approval — is it really any surprise that most if not all Bush administration decision go down without our presidoesn’ts knowledge???

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  1. Quinn, the Internet is so amazing, it’s frightening. I was trying to put my mental finger on exactly what you are proposing here. My friends, who publish a monthly alternative newspaper with me in Colorado, said: “See if you can find someone with this idea and let’s publish it.” They went on quoting Brecht who reminds us always to ponder WHY something is happening and appearing in the news at any given moment.
    Anyway, I found your comments; would you allow us to print them in the Main Street Free Press? ( see http://www.mainstreetfreepress.com for more info)

    Please respond to staff@mainstreetfreepress.com Thanks.

    The proposition allowing a firm based in the UAE to manage major ports throughout the US has caused a resounding public outcry and evoked a torrent of visceral reaction. This phenomenon causes one to wonder why an administration with an approval rating of 34% would support a transaction that would undoubtedly yield this result. The answer is quite simple. It was designed this way. One must consider that 2006 is an election year during which an unpopular regime stands to lose a great deal of power and influence as a direct result of its performance and, in many cases, lack thereof. The Bush administration represents the hierarchy of the Republican Party. If the GOP wishes to retain its advantage in the legislature, Republican candidates must find a way to distance themselves from a president who is only 34% adequate. Propaganda Minister Karl Rove has undoubtedly fabricated this debate for that purpose. One must realize that the CEO of the Dubai-based firm seeking control of the ports is an American and a close friend of the Bush family. His entire inner circle is comprised of Americans. From the inception of this ?crisis,? Karl Rove, the Executive Branch and many high ranking Republicans were assured that this deal would never be approved. Furthermore, it set the stage for the portrayal of the Republican majority as capable of breaking ranks with their unpopular leader. Once again, Karl Rove has successfully scammed the American people.

    –Quinn Stilletto
    CEO unwantedchildren.com

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