NYT: Court charged Padilla to avoid hearing testimony of tortured operatives

That’s not exactly how the headline reads in the Nov 24 New York Times, but its all spelled out right here in the lede:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 – The Bush administration decided to charge Jose Padilla with less serious crimes because it was unwilling to allow testimony from two senior members of Al Qaeda who had been subjected to harsh questioning, current and former government officials said Wednesday. — By DOUGLAS JEHL and ERIC LICHTBLAU

The two al-Qaeda leader’s being referenced are Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (KSM) and Abu Zubaydah, who remain in secret prisons and furthermore, the validity of the information and treatment they received has been scrutinized, most notably in the CIA report titled “Khalid Shaykh Mohammed’s
Threat Reporting?Precious Truths Surrounded by a Bodyguard of Lies.” (.pdf).

read today’s NYTimes article.

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