Move over Jose, make room for Tom and his boys

Just in time to appease the Supreme Court, Jose Padilla, yes, the American man who has been imprisoned for 3 and a half years awaiting charges related to his alleged involvement with al-Qaeda, was charged today in federal court.

Padilla was not indicted for intent to run around naked, dirty and/or bombing, stealing from natives, or even having his friends loot the reservation for him. No, keep this guy locked up, because he’s looking to “murder, kidnap and maim” some peace-loving creatures in a land far, far away, according to Atty. General Alberto Gonzales’ charges.

Very interesting charges coming from one Hizzoner Gonzales, who last mentioned maiming people in foreign lands in the infamous “torture memo.” (at least that’s what Google knows him for).

If convicted, Padilla could face life in prison, which surely is the best only thing he’s heard in years!

Tim Grieve covers the bait-and-switcharoo at Salon:

Remember how Jose Padilla was supposed to have been plotting to build and detonate a “dirty bomb” in the United States? Then remember how he was supposed to have been training to use natural gas to blow up apartment buildings in the United States?

Never mind.

Now lets put the REAL CRIMINALS in the can.

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