Operation ‘Swarmer’ — ‘Swonderful???

AP photoThe largest air assault on occupied Iraq since the invasion three years ago.

Proof for one and all, that our flag is still there. Quickly, the story of the new Iraqi parliament being sworn in without hardly looking each other in the eye, much less resembling anything government-like, is overshadowed.

Some write today that the war in Iraq is still a good idea. President Bush released his new national security strategy (.pdf) which suggests a second war — with Iran — looms in the near future. John Bolton, our man at the UN, is already ramping up war rhetoric to the assembly. Will we ever learn?

3 Replies to “Operation ‘Swarmer’ — ‘Swonderful???”

  1. ?The largest air assault since the invasion.? I find it strange that no one seems to be pointing out that the US military found it necessary to launch such a significant air assault THREE YEARS AFTER the invasion.

    Rumsfeld may say this insurgency is on it?s ?last legs,? but it seems he failed to tell us just how many legs are left.

  2. The “new Iraqi government” governs the Green Zone behind the Bremer walls in Baghdad, that’s all. It’s not hard to overshadow a pack of puppets. And watch out for that next war against Iran. The U.S. doesn’t have enough troops to do it on the ground, and conventional bombs from the air won’t do the trick. So it will be a “clean surgical strike” with nuclear weapons. What do you think America’s position in the world will be after it becomes the only nation ever to kill people with atomic bombs — twice?

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