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Live Streaming into the Future, A Social Media Week Panel

Adler Integrated Social Media Week LA Live Streaming Panel #smwla #smw12The revolution will be live streamed. But as live streaming platforms and technology are break into the mainstream, how is the relationship between viewers and content producers evolving. What new revenue can live streaming bring to television and how can it benefit venues, artists and labels? Who is doing it right and what are the best practices going forward?

Adler Integrated hosted a panel addressing these questions and looking into the current and future state of live streaming at Social Media Week Los Angeles last week.

Watch the discussion (in two parts) below:

The panel, moderated by AI’s Andy Sternberg, included an engaging audience Q & A and featured great insight from IROCKE‘s Karl Rogers, Livestream‘s Jeff Varnell, dick clark productions‘ Assaf Blecher and The Roxy Theatre And AI’s Nic Adler.

“If you don’t talk the viewers language there is a disconnect. So they need to feel that you represent them… they’re watching on their computer but you represent their voice,” said dick clark productions‘ Assaf Blecher.

“We’re trying to expand the consciousness of live streaming in the consumer’s mind… some of the most magical things that I’ve seen occur in live streaming is an impromptu appearance by an artist in a comfortable place and it becomes like a brainstorming session with the fans, said IROCKE‘s Karl Rogers.” “We’ve put the live streaming experience in a virtual place that’s like the physical event.”

“The difference here is access,” said Nic Adler, “now we can add to the live experience by socializing and adding value to it.” “Access to the artist if very compelling and can be done in the live department,” said Livestream‘s Jeff Varnell.

By Andy Sternberg

Andy Sternberg is a digital strategist and marketing specialist with a focus on enhancing interactive and user experience through content and social media. He's been tweaking content and music-related websites since the '90s and has a Master's in Online Journalism. He's currently the head of Social & Digital Media at Rotary International. Find him on Twitter @andysternberg.

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