Kanye West goes off – and is censored on the West Coast!

Kanye says “Bush doesn’t care about black people” aside Mike Meyers in this segment on NBC’s Katrina fundraising extravaganza. But they censored him on the later West Coast broadcasts! And he’s the one who just last week called for all rappers to stop criticizing gays.

Nothing wrong with standing up for what’s right, but where are the real voices who can step on what’s wrong and bring more money (read: prospect for change) to the cause?

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  1. I agree with Kanye. When the Tsunami hit aid was there for the NON-AMERICANS within 3 DAYS! For our own it takes 6 days and that was because the Mayor of New Orleans threw a fit! How can we be the greatest Nation if we cannot or will not be the greatest Nation to our own American Family. Yet instead the displaced are called refugees! Bush does not care about certain people of this nation. He is an American we pay him, he was elected by Americans, and most of all he is a human, he is not GOD! Who is to say that we cannot speak our opinion of someone who is suppose to represent me and my family.

  2. i think if yall are worried about there being a president, not liking black people well then blacks, step up and have a black president. people like to talk talk talk talk , but you know what where is the action stop the complaining and do something about it. what kanye said is not ok, and not just because he is black, i dont care if he was lavender, orange, purple, pink, or even freakn white. it was wrong and he has no way to back that comment up. What the hell though how can people possibly be thinking of raping a person in time like that, how freakn low can you possibly be. if i saw someone raping another person while i was there helping out i damn sure would shoot you too. some of us are soooo ungrateful of where we live. if its that bad here and you hate our president so much, heres my solution ack up all your crap, and head to mexico, cananda, russia,or even take your happy self to china for all i care. if its that bad just get the hell out of here.

  3. I think kanye said what i think is the truth. He wasn’t critizing president bush he was telling the truth i think in my opinion

  4. I think kanye took a big leap with the whole speech on tv. i think he made a good point and i find myself feeling guilty sometimes for not supporting our president, but i dont. I know unfortunately kanye will be rioted against in the news and papers and even bush might have something to say. but even so, i hope people realize that he was just speaking his mind instead of ACTING like he cared and reading from the prompter. He actually put thought into what he was going to say. And i support him in his words. I myself live in a small town where the percentage of african americans is about 10 percent and i myself am not black. But even in a town like this, i can see where kanye comes from. And i’m glad that no one has forgotten that as sad as it is, there is still prejudice people in this world and our president may be one of them.

  5. Whatever happened to “freedom of speech”? I wholeheartedly think that Kanye West is correct in his convictions of Bush. Kanye West spoke the thoughts of millions of African Americans who don’t have a voice to the nation. He made that statement to drive to the hearts of those who do not particularly care for this president of ours but would like to help the victims of this catastrophe. Yudos to him! Everytime something like this happens there is a double standard created to divert from the issue at hand. I bet if Mike Myers made the statement he would have gone done in history as speaking the voice of a nation too long silenced by the rule of the idiotic presidency. Give me a break, how long will people turn a blind eye to some of the real race relation issues in this country? The Tsunami victims received faster, better treatment than our own citizens of these great united states!

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