Is Google Nervous About YouTube’s Long-Term Profitability?

In the short term it’s not an issue, but how can it sustain? With the news that Google is opening up YouTube to long-form video and based on the reactions in the articles below to Ken Auletta’s interview with CEO Eric Schmidt, it’s gotta make you wonder…

If it can’t find a solution, Google should kill YouTube

Speaking to The New Yorker, Schmidt said that it “seemed obvious” that Google should be able to generate “significant amounts of money” from YouTube, but so far, it has no idea what to do.

Could YouTube become hub for feature films and TV shows?

Mark Cuban: Hulu is Kicking YouTube’s Ass:
Hulu is crushing YouTube in revenue per video and revenue per user primarily because “Hulu has the right to sell advertising in and around every single video on its site…. It can package and sell any way that might make its customers happy.”

Ken Auletta interviews Eric Schmidt, the chairman and C.E.O. of Google, in San Francisco on June 11, 2008.

Personally, I’ll sit through hundreds of 15 second ads on Hulu just so I can watch TV for free — now including full-length episodes of Daily Show and Colbert!

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