Harriet Miers: Putty for Bush Corp’s Breached Levee

Harriet MiersRemember when Dick Cheney was named candidate Bush’s counsel charged with the responsibility of finding a suitable Vice Presidential running mate?

This morning President Bush named Harriet Miers, White House counsel, considered one of the most powerful unknowns in the Bush Administration, has been named to succeed Sandra Day O’Connor as Supreme Court Justice. Miers has been a Bush confidant dating back to Texas and played a key role in the president’s vetting process to select Chief Justice John Roberts.

Conservatives and Democrats are stymied by this decision, one that will most likely lead to a lengthy vetting process in the Senate Judiciary Committee. In his announcement, Bush noted that he had discussed the nomination with 80 members of Senate. It is likely she will be confirmed in time. Miers was previously Bush’s personal lawyer and filled the shoes of Alberto Gonzales when he was named Attorney General earlier this year. She was president of the Texas Bar Association and the managing partner of a 400 partner firm.

Miers has never been a judge (Bush pointed out that neither had Rehnquist) and is described by many as shy and somewhat indecisive.

The Miers nomination will swing attention away from the multiple scandals that the Bush corporation, er, um administration is embroiled in, not to mention, the unravelling security situation in Iraq.

Over the weekend, speculation grew on talk shows and in the Washington Post that Bush and/or Cheney may be implicated in the Valerie Plame leak case by Pat Fitzgerald.

Early feedback from the blogosphere and wires:
Washington Post has a rolling blog with official feedback on the nomination and links to video of the announcement.
RedState.org – “was joking when suggested Miers would be good”
Bill Frist “expresses support” (and he can use some in return…)
Power Line: “a dissappointment”
Stone Court Blog: A Lexis search shows that she played a big part in covering up Bush’s National Guard service.
Wonkette: scroll down for the full resume. Texas Lottery Commission?
Right Wing News: “Disaster, Thy Name is Harriet Miers.”

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