Bush on Bridging the Gap

From amidst the contradictory, robotic remarks the President made this morning (transcript). I cringe every time he alludes to an individuals well-being hinging on their private assets. What if we’re all not born with a padded savings account?

BUSH: You can’t divorce bridging divides from economic vitality. You just can’t. It’s a part of how we enable people to realize dreams: by having a growing economy.

Secondly, I don’t think you can divorce bridging divides from ownership. In other words, I think it’s essential that people own something if they’re going to have a stake in the future of the country…. I think there’s something so powerfully healing about a society in which more and more people have ownership.

BUSH: But I was disappointed, frankly, in the vote I got in the African-American community. I was.

I’ve done my best to elevate people to positions of authority and responsibility — not just positions, but positions where they can actually make a difference in the lives of people.

I put people in my Cabinet. I put people in my sub-Cabinet. I’ve elevated people from all walks of life, because I believe there’s a responsibility for the president to reach out. And so it’s not a matter of tone, it’s also a matter of action.

And just got to keep working at it.


but clearly not the concern/responsibility of the POTUS?!?

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