Gonzo Sure Can Shoot (Photos)

Stopped by the opening of a masterful display of Hunter S. Thompson original photo prints this weekend, at M+B Gallery somewhere near the crux of BH, WeHo and CC.

I stood in front of each of the 25 photographs while sipping a Wild Turkey on the rocks (how fitting) and was thoroughly impressed. I’ve been a huge fan of Thompson’s work since becoming enraptured with his writing (I originally discovered in the pre-pubescent 1980s between the covers of a Rolling Stone).

And we know ol’ boy could shoot — he loved him his bourbon, loved him his guns — but the photography, from Hell’s Angels, to self-portraits w/ typewriter @ Big Sur, adds to the freak flavor of the planet’s first and only “gonzo journalist.”

Check out all the photos at the gallery Web site, or pay a visit (bring yer own Wild Turkey, prices start at $3,500 on the prints).