Two Weeks in Belize (Photos)

sunrise at ak'bol yoga retreat san pedro belize ambergris caye

Late last year I found a two solid weeks to travel in a country that I’ve never visited and I’m very happy to have chosen Belize. I LOVE traveling and I feel unfulfilled if I go a certain period of time without extensive travel, preferably internationally. This was my first such solo adventure since 2007-2008 when I used up my vacation days (thanks Warner/Chappell) to go to Argentina and Chile. I wanted to explore, and get in some adventure along with some quality relaxation and recharging after an exciting but jam-packed quarter running social for The X Factor (among other things).

Belize was an amazing country to visit and I had an incredible experience first near near San Pedro on Ambergris Caye and then in the jungle and at Tikal in Guatemala before rounding out my visit on the paradisical Placencia peninsula.

Read about my travels in the following photo essay (Click on a photo to view captions and scroll through as slideshow). Special thanks to Milio and Kirsten at Ak’Bol on Ambergris Caye and to Paradise Resort in Placencia.

Part One: San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Ak’Bol
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Part Two: San Isidro, Cha’a Creek, Tikal
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Part Three: Placencia
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  1. very cool photos! One day I will make it to Tikal it looks amazing. How cool you even took a ride on those old school buses.

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