Gehry to Skyscrape L.A.

Chicago / Pritzker Pavillion / Click for more from giantgingkoThe madman cannot be stopped. He was last seen promoting his own line of jewelry at a bash at Tiffany’s on Rodeo drive, and now the L.A. Times reports that Pulitzer Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry “has designed two skyscrapers as cornerstones of a huge project intended to lure night life to the downtown area.” A second Times critic chimes in as well.

Gehry not only MADE Bilbao with his designs on the Guggenheim there, but also lent a hand to the rebirth of downtown Chicago with his work at Millennium Park appears set to make his mark on the (for now) $1.8 billion Grand Avenue Revitalization project(.pdf).

Priztker Pavillion Millennium Park Chicago - click for more photos by crouch
(And what a great excuse for some Chitown springtime photos)!

Carolyn at LAist posted photos and details from today’s press conference announcing the “city of dreams” (– Mayor V.).

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