Donate to Cheney’s Tax Re-fund by Monday

Dick Cheney can Fuck HimselfYeah, file your taxes now, so Shooter Cheney doesn’t have to hold out on his nearly $2 MILLION refund. What, did he have Ken Lay’s accountant?

Andrea Seabrook reports on NPR’s Mixed Signals blog:

Vice President Cheney and his wife Lynne brought in a gross household income of $8,819,006. After they gave a lot — and I mean a lot — of that to charity, the family’s taxable income was $1,961,157. But because so much cash went through their accounts, the IRS withheld a whole lot more than the Cheneys owe — the result being, and I hope you’re sitting down here, a roughly $1.9 million tax refund.

I mean, I did feel for the Vice President in Overcharge just a little when his company Halliburton couldn’t get away with swindling the U.S. military for several hundred million…. But how on earth can the man in the bunker possibly get money back on that ginormous income?

We got till the 17th this year… so go, go, and get yr refund on!

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