Bush-Blair Memos Reveal Disregard for Diplomacy

Bush hearts Blair Happy Valentines DayDetails are finally coming in from the many-times FOIA‘d White House memos detailing correspondence between George W. Bush and Tony Blair leading up to the invastion of Iraq.

Revealed in the memo, minutes of a conversation between Bush and Blair on January 31, 2003:

President Bush assures Blair that violence is highly unlikely after Saddam’s regime is dismantled. Furthermore, the president expresses his desire to provoke war in Iraq with language that is unsupportive and downright insulting to the troops:

President Bush said: “The US was thinking of flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours. If Saddam fired on them, he would be in breach.”

The fact that PM Blair approved Bush’s decision to go to war without researching the legality of the invasion and the legitimacy of the U.S. WMD findings a major controversy In the UK.

BBC Channel 4:

“The US would put its full weight behind efforts to get another resolution and would ‘twist arms’ and ‘even threaten’. But he had to say that if ultimately we failed, military action would follow anyway.”

Prime Minister Blair responded that he was: “solidly with the President and ready to do whatever it took to disarm Saddam.”

Think Progress documents the numerous times that Bush stated he was “not sure” about going to war with Iraq after presenting the idea as a sure thing in his conversation with Blair, i.e. “We are doing everything we can to avoid war in Iraq.”

See Channel4.com’s special report.

Sammy Sez… You Live!

In his first display of humanity, Samuel Alito’s first vote as a Supreme Court Justice went against the conservative grain; denying the state recommended lifting of a stay of execution for a death row inmate who charged that lethal injection comprises “cruel and unusual punishment.”

It was a safe play by Alito, and… come on… — its the 21st century and the majority of clearheaded individuals around the world find the death sentence old-fashioned, if not obscene and extreme.

Missouri death row inmate ichael Taylor, was scheduled for execution at midnight. He had testified to killing a 15-year old while under the influence of crack cocaine. It seems somewhoat significant that Alito sided with the justices voting to lift the stay — many pols and scholars made Alito out to be more of a bloodsucker than an interventionist — and it was the supreme court’s appeal that denied the stay of execution.

Truth be told, theh death penalty is nothing to be shaken up by — its ludicrous, but it certainly says something that Alito made his first move against it, in spite of Roberts, Scalia and Thomas. Almost sounds Rovian that this would be his first vote, people will like him, and then somehow the public will accept it when Sammy pulls his presidential privilege looney tunes down the road.

I’m thinkning of this as a tribute to Sandra Day O’Connor – she was the glue… lets hold it to Alito to become the monkey in the middle.

I’m taking this as a precedent from Alito, and in this case, there was only time for the “gut” judgment. From the Wash Post:

Alito, handling his first case, sided with inmate Michael Taylor, who had won a stay from an appeals court earlier in the evening. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas supported lifting the stay, but Alito joined the remaining five members in turning down Missouri’s last-minute request to allow a midnight execution.

Perhaps Alito was playing it safe by refusing to lift the stay, or… as some suggest… maybe he’s not as Conservative as he’s made out to be.


Last year it was shocking and upsetting to have to hear ol’ prezzie for a “mandated” fifth year. Last night — I had other things to do and the sound of a man enjoying the limelight (especially when the only eye contact is for a people that largely don’t speak English, much less, ol boys remeduncial truthlessness).

There is nothing to discuss, here — save for confirmation that Bush can be as intergalactically disconnected as he can’t help not to be so long as he makes everyone feel stupid for not feeling that happy-go-lucky never-worked-a-day-in-my-wannabe-from-Texas presidential reality — now about that oil addiction. The other side is about as unrealistic as well, only the negativity is all anyone can see/hear/feel. Knew he’d nail the C. Scott King reference after he royally blew it with R. Parks.

Katrina? OBL? Saddam? Hamas-oopsie? free condoms? McFly?!?!?