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  1. The blue field is in the upper right corner to give the flag the appearance that it is moving forward (imagine it’s on a standard being carried). On the other shoulder the blue field is on the upper left corner so as to give the same appearance from the opposite direction.

  2. Yeah, but a lot of people have a lot of misconceptions about patriotic displays. Like flag etiquette. You know, over the last few years I’ve always thought it funny how Americans put up pictures of the flag on their cars (you’re not supposed to), hang them the wrong way (in any orientation, the blue patch should always hangin in the top left corner), or how they won’t take the flag down at sunset (light should always shine on the flag. There are few instances where you see government installations flying the flag at night, and the only one I can think of, which I believe is in Arlington Cemetery, has flood lights that illuminate the flag at all hours).

    Military uniforms have a similar set of strange rules. For instance, as a member of the navy, I’m sometimes required to where a coat in which I must have a “crow” insignia on each lapel. The crow is actually the rank indicating chevron(s) with a spread eagle ontop. In times of peace, the eagles are supposed to face each other, and in times of war they are supposed to face away.

  3. Hey bud. Just to let you know, that’s actual military requirement to wear the flag like that. If you look at the other shoulder (which you can’t because it’s not in the pic) you will find that the other flag is facing the right way. I don’t know why they are oriented like that, they just are.

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