A note on numbers

Among the things that are especially pissing me off in regards to general media laziness and subordinance these days (not that I’m doing squat to counteract it) is the obsession with numbers. The number of casualties as a result of Katrina were irrelevant to the media in relation to the principle that the government wasn’t prepared and didn’t do enough to reduce that number – which the government admits (sorta).

But, the gov’t does not admit that it does not serve the greater good for thousands to die in Iraq, in fact, Torture Veep Cheney said again that the best way to honor them is to keep at it. What’s wrong with this principle?

Numbers do not represent right and/or wrong. Therefore – there are multiple sides in which any statistic can be framed.

As difficult as it may be to find a reason for certain facts, it is at the very least worth a try. Limbaugh et al may as well continue labelling everybody else the “liberal media” until people slap themselves and realize that its pointless to tell both sides of a story. Report the truth, and expect to criticize and hold the government to task NO MATTER WHO is in charge… or is it really true what DoD press releases say?

So, 2,000 dead in Iraq. The government and right wing pundits can easily point out that its a small price to pay for “democracy” in the Middle East and that its far less than in Vietnam.

Well, how many soldiers are severely if not permanently injured from this war? The ratio of injured to dead compared to Vietnam is astounding. How about the families that are being broken – children, parents lost… divorces painful and inexplicable extended stays in Iraq?

U.S. military casualties aside, if the gov’t gets a pass on that, how can the number of Iraqi civilian casualties be plainly ignored? Besides, the Iraqi referendum only “passed,” – and barely at that – because 2/3 of each Sunni province didn’t REJECT it. In other words, democracy is apparently defined by a thumbs up from only 1/3 of voters.

A final note, I am sick and tired of hearing about intelligent design. And, if the numbers don’t lie – regardless of whether or not they are WRONG – here they are from CBS News.


Oct. 23, 2005
God created humans in present form
Humans evolved, God guided the process
Humans evolved, God did not guide process

Journey Lives, 50 dies tryin’

Here’s to throwing them under the bus!

Steve PerryYes, “Don’t Stop Believin” has become the team anthem. And I always thought it was meant for the Cubbies, but I guess I’ll be waiting ’til next year.

Los Angeles, meanwhile, is up in arms in protest of 50 Cent’s poster advertising his movie. Apparently, people think that the image of a black man cradling a baby with a gun tucked in his pants is not promoting a healthy lifestlyle.

It all comes back to the White Sox, who began the year with the bizarre marketing slogan “Win… or Die Tryin‘”
win or die tryin

Able Danger update

Atta - Able Danger - Yep, That's him

The coverup of the Able Danger operation may be the most disturbing of the secretive behind-the-scenes plots and distractions obscuring the “war on terror.” House Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) broke the news this past August (before the FBI shushed him) that Able Danger had identified two of the three al-Qaeda cells that pulled off the 9/11 attacks in September 2000.

Today, Weldon told United Press International that officials at the Defense Intelligence Agency “conducted a deliberate campaign of character assassination” against the whistleblower, retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer.

Shaffer set up one Able Danger/FBI meeting in late 2000 which was CANCELLED. The Clinton administration ordered the main Able Danger files destroyed in 2000, and Lt. Col. Shaffer’s back up copy was destroyed in 2004.

The 9/11 Commission was forced to cover up the existence of Able Danger in their findings, and after Rep. Weldon delivered a speech on the House floor on June 27 of this year, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee attempted to set up a hearing. The Pentagon and FBI stood in the way of this hearing, and it was cancelled several times, before finally, on September 21, it took place.

But the Pentagon blocked the star witnesses, former Able Danger team members James D. Smith and Lt. Col. Shaffer. Judiciary Committee chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA) stood up to the DoD along with committee members on both party lines raising obstruction charges.

Robert Fisk, the internationally reknown British journalist was recently banned from visiting the U.S. because he was vocal about the Able Danger cover-up.

The Able Danger hearings were rescheduled for October 5, when, surprise surprise, they were once again cancelled.

There is nothing to be proven anymore regarding how or if 9/11 could have been prevented. The government has already confessed to “intelligence failures.”

However, it is very dangerous for the government to operate with such shadowy and downright disrespectful (in)actions. While this information is not being explored, the government has been promoting people who should be in prison, and, as The New American reports in a great expose, is blatantly playing with fire.

Through it all, the media remains consumed by alternative dramas that are of little significance to our wellbeing and our future (deLay, Miller, Saddam), and the university bombs of the past couple weeks (alluded to in this post last week), including the bombing outside a nationally televised Oklahoma – Kansas State football game, in which the bomber had Islamic Jihadist writings in his dorm room and bomb-making instructions.

I write this brain-deadedly, late at night, but follow up on this and you too will realize that this is no ‘fraidy-cat conspiracy theory B.S. Its all right under our noses.

Go here for links to news video regarding Able Danger.