U.S. Plans ‘Second Liberation’ of Baghdad

a carbomb Sunday left at least 10 deadToo over-the-top to be true? In fact its the most hilarious and disturbingly not-parodied headline story in Sunday’s Times UK (tip via Blairwatch).

THE American military is planning a ?second liberation of Baghdad? to be carried out with the Iraqi army when a new government is installed. […] Strategic and tactical plans are being laid by US commanders in Iraq and at the US army base in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, under Lieutenant- General David Petraeus. […] The battle for Baghdad is expected to entail a ?carrot-and-stick? approach…

This must be an extension of Bush’s infamous “Fool me once… can’t get fooled again” doctrine (video).

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  1. Big Brother would be proud of the newspeak that the Cheney administration has wrought. Just as “reform” now means “destroy” (as in “reforming Social Security”) now “liberate” means “destroy” (as in “second liberation of Baghdad”.) On second thought, though, just about every word the fascist U.S. government uses means “destroy.”

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