LAist Anon Protest Video Gets 10k++ Diggs

Zach shot this at yesterday’s Anonymous protest across from the Church of Scientology on his Flip camera. Immediately after uploading it to YouTube (and before he even posted it to LAist), it was Dugg and is currently on its way to the Top 10 most popular Diggs of the year. The video itself is a testament to right-place/right-time, brevity and the the fact that you can play it straight from Digg. The content kinda gave me chills the first time I saw it. Way to go, Zach! Also gotta give credit to whomever submitted the Digg as the headline (“This is how police SHOULD react to protesters”) is perfect for Digg.

Perez Hilton, Tastemaker?!?

perez Hilton and sloane Berrent at Twiistup 3 by Mike Macadaan

Sloane Berrent with Perez Hilton and “Britney’s dirty underwear” by Mike Macadaan at Twiistup 3.

Waking up to this story in the NYT made sent a chuckle of disbelief across the land. Perez Hilton, the ocd-celeb blogger with the funny, unshowered hair and the hastily Photoshopped, illegal photo usage, is now Mr. Lavandeira in the New York Times? In an uncorroborated report that he’s soon to be given his own record label by a major?

The talks are preliminary, and an agreement is not certain, but Mr. Lavandeira could receive $100,000 a year as an advance against 50 percent of any profits generated by artists he discovers and releases…

First McCain and now this — the Gray Lady really is on the fast road to fade to black. They didn’t bother to mention Lavandeira’s tendency to print rumors from unnamed sources as fact — take for example his guaranteed reports of Fidel Castro’s death last year.

Read the story here.

Wilco in Chicago [Testing Y! Media player]

Lucas Gonze is giving a presentation on the just-launched Yahoo! Media player today at SF Music Tech Conference. I’m not there but just glanced at his online powerpoint and remembered that I have yet to check out the player!

Let’s test it out right here, with a cut from the last set of Wilco’s historic 5-night run at the Riviera in Chicago this month.

Wilco – Muzzle of Bees w/ Andrew Bird

Check out the rest of the show at I am Fuel.

I had a tricky time getting the htrack microformat to work and eventually gave up (on second thought I think this was due to some issues with the Firefox 3 Beta I was testing it on). However, I now see that there is a WordPress Plugin that might make it even easier.