Bear Eats Monkey

Visitors to the Beekse Bergen Safari Park outside of Amsterdam may or may not have been hallucinating this weekend, but dozens were around to witness a Barbary macaque monkey being slaughtered and devoured by Sloth bears.

Here’s a .pdf photoessay of of the incident (in Dutch).

The b-sphere is humming with nearly 1000 posts on the “bear eats monkey” tip, including several posts shouting out to the excessively bear-fearing (sign petition) Stephen Colbert (threat-down vids). Stick around for any late-breaking monkey-munching news…

2 Replies to “Bear Eats Monkey”

  1. I don’t get the big deal. Bears eat monkeys. Is this not common knowledge?

    Granted, this doesn’t usually happen in a zoo, but I would think this would be news if the monkey ate the bear.

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