Card Finally Folds

For what could be any of a plethora of good reasons, Andrew Card, President Bush’s White House adviser for over five years has officially resigned.

His replacement, Joshua Bolten – currently Director of the president’s Office of Management and Budget – is described as the fourth wheel in the Rove and co. policy machine in this 2001 Slate article. Card has wanted out for about a month — apparently it took some time to find a new monkey to replace. The Washington Post:

…Card approached Bush earlier this month about the possibility of stepping down and then two had several discussions about the idea. Card then went with Bush to Camp David last weekend, where they settled on a decision and timing. (via firedoglake)

Andy Card will forever be remembered as the man who first notified the president of the 9/11 attacks without adding a qualifier to the effect of “no shit, seriously” — allowing the commander in chief to finish reading a book about (donkeys?) to an elementary school class in Florida (see video).

Dismissing Card is a good place to begin retooling, suggests Liberal Avenger, alongside an insanely hilarious photo. But is a legitimate shake-up in the White House truly under way, or are they just passing the time? Mark Halperin writes: “keep waiting….” Steve Clemons reveals that if Ma Baba Bush still calls the shots, she’s “ready to roast a few of her son’s staff members alive on a pig spit.”

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  1. Sigh, another white, old, lame man will have to step down to only be re-placed by another old, white, sad looking white man.
    What’s up with the quote about Mamma Bush. Please explain.

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