Pentagon Bars the Military from Testifying regarding September 11, Sharon Olds turns down Bushie

The officers and intelligence analysts that had been scheduled to testify on Wednesday about the Pentagon’s Able Danger program, which is known to contain information regarding the 9/11 terrorists, were silenced today by the Defense Department.

Philip Shenon of the NY Times wonders how the Pentagon can possibly hold back any potential link in uncovering the intelligence inconsistencies that made it possible for 19 hijackers to slip through the system and blow up the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Supposedly the documents reveal an official cover-up regarding Mohammad Atta.

All intelligence officials are barred from testimony and the Able Danger documents have been long destroyed, (mention of Able Danger was previously censored from the 9/11 Commission Report).

The “we didn’t do it” Department of Rummy apparently feels its in the nation’s best interests to conceal details regarding American victims. The 9/11 investigation should be an open book as long any information released is not a threat to national security. As long as these documents are censored, we should only assume the worst form of betrayal.


Sharon Olds turned down an invite to the White House because she couldn’t bear to “break bread” with Laura Bush. Read the letter she wrote.

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