Does Anyone Outside the White House Like Rumsfeld?

c. Matson, 4.11.06 via
Is Jefferson Davis available?

I mean, whose best friends would really have your back when no one in your Army trusts you, and in the worst of interests re: fellow man? Must be the White House.
A fifth retired general, Major Gen. John Riggs, added his voice to those opposing Rumsfeld. In an interview with National Public Radio, Riggs cited an atmosphere of “arrogance” among top civilian leaders at the Pentagon.

Rumsfeld “should step aside and let someone step in who can be more realistic,” he said.

Raw Story has a piece detailing further plans in which Rumsfeld along with Cheney intend to ignore recommendations from intelligence and use the forces of the detained Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) — a right-wing Iranian terrorist organization — to intimidate Iran.

?These guys are nuts,” an anonymous intelligence source told Raw Story, regarding Tweedle Don and Tweedle Dick.
The Moderate Voice scours the papers and the web for various points of view on the Rummy Must Go symphony.

And never, ever by the “Rumsfeld tried to resign twice” nonsense. Friends don’t let friends cut and run.

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