7-Eleven Coffee Addicts Prefer Obama by 3:2 Ratio

I love 7-Eleven’s 7-Election website. Not a gimmick — well, not completely a gimmick at least — 7-Eleven is keeping counts on its inventory of coffee cups and aggregating by state which cups go faster — Blue Obamas or Red McCains. Doesn’t make their coffee any better but still, this is cool.

7-election map

h/t Jonathan Grubb.

2 Replies to “7-Eleven Coffee Addicts Prefer Obama by 3:2 Ratio”

  1. Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of coffee brands and flavors? Do you know what a non fat, extra dry, half caflatte is? Do you have a favorite place where you get your morning coffee? Is your home your own private Barista?? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are a coffee addict!!!


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