2009 LAWeekly L.A. Web Award Winners include LAist, lalawag, CarolineonCrack + other faves


?From Google Wave to mommy blogs to TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington “stealing our tweets,” 2009 was a booming year for the Web and social media scene. To celebrate, LAWeekly.com is hosting the LA Web Awards 2009 and asked you to nominate the best in 36 categories. Who gives the best tweet? What’s the best site for gamers? From over a thousand nominations, a team of expert judges from LA and SF’s online communities — including Kevin Pereira, Andrew Nystrom, Gabe Rivera, Travis Keller, Sean Percival, Aubrey Sabala, Mike Prasad, Shira Lazar, John Resig, Maya Baratz, Andrew Sorcini, and VVM new media staff — combed through the sites and selected winners. And to keep it fair, none of the judges voted in a category they’re affiliated with. Check out the winners below and stay tuned for information on how you can win a spot on the guest list for our private party at Bardot on January 21st to celebrate 2009’s best online.

LA’s Best Twitterer

LA’s Best Flickr Pool
LA Addict

LA’s Best Flamer (i.e. best shit talker)

LA’s Best Food Blog
Eater LA

LA’s Best Music Blog
Aquarium Drunkard

LA’s Best Police Blog
Witness LA

LA’s Best Tech Blog

LA’s Best Politics Blog
Top of the Ticket, LA Times

LA’s Best Drinking Blog
Caroline on Crack

LA’s Best Low Brow Art Blog
The Streets are Calling

LA’s Best High Brow Art Blog
Bldg Blog

LA’s Best Business Twitterer

LA’s Best Local Activism Site
LA Streets Blog

LA’s Best Gamer Site

LA’s Best MySpace Music Page

LA’s Best iPhone App

LA’s Best Most Shameless Self Promoter
Alana Joy

Best Twitpic
Paid to be Nice

LA’s Best News Blog

LA’s Best Counterculture Blog
LA Taco

LA’s Sexiest Site
Suicide Girls

LA’s Best Online Video
SecretSauce TV, “Where The Dirty Hipsters Are (Wild Things Spoof)”

LA’s Best Home Page
GOOD Los Angeles

LA’s Best Designed Site Aesthetic

LA’s Best Personal Blog
Wil Wheaton

LA’s Best Celebrity Fan Site
Her Name is Jane Lynch

LA’s Best Government Site

LA’s Best Restaurant Site
Eat at Street

LA’s Best Retail Site
Sorting with Style

LA’s Best Humor Site

LA’s Best 12 Seconds Account
Mike FX

LA’s Best Commenter
Sarah J. Gim, The Delicious Life

LA’s Best Tweet of the Year
Roger Avary’s tweet from jail:
@avary : “#34 is ‘rolled up’ to a higher security facility for exercising his first amendment rights. The truth he has discovered is too dangerous.”

LA’s Best Blog Post of the Year
“100 Things to try in LA Before You Die,” Caroline on Crack

LA’s Best Online Photo of the Year
“Walkabout,” by Mathieu Young, GOOD Los Angeles

LA’s Best Comment Thread of the Year
“Nike Confuses USC With that School Near Diddy Riese,” Lost Angeles Blog


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