My First Flickr Video: Slow-Rolling to Work on the 10

Slow-Rolling to Work on the 10

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Thanks to the Buzz Out Loud podcast for making it tolerable. But why must there always be traffic no matter which route I take? And why do you lie, Why?



  • Decompressing, waiting for @carolineoncrack and Dre at Enterprise Fish in SaMo. S’gonna be a long week. good chance of scattered awesomeness #
  • Being a bastard music snob, i feel i once again must pervert that Arcade Fire cut back to its Eddie and the Cruisers origins. Sorry. Kinda #
  • Halp stuck in middle of 2G1C explanation at bar in venice. Becks "Nausea" is playing. um. yeah. help #
  • welcome @mattdeco. vinyl sales are up. Q: what recent record most blows you away on vinyl yet sounds flaccid when digitally compressed? #
  • yay @whytuesday, @epicfu, @laughingsquid and all the other Webby Award noms #
  • amused after scrolling thru “Why We Twitter” PowerPoint by UMBC eBiquity group (link to abstract): #
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Flickr Video Uploads Are Go

UPDATE It’s 6p.m. PDT and it is NOW possible to upload videos (for Flickr PRO account holders). My question is, will it accept video uploads via e-mail, i.e. directly from a camera phone? Let’s see.

flickr video screenshot

The service will only take 90 seconds of video at up to 150mb for starters, which is fine. There are other options for longer video, and as Arrington wrote, “The short clips are a perfect compliment to event photos….”

Written at 3:45 p.m.: Or are they? I just wasted a good 15 minutes trying to figure it out after reading blog posts on both CNET’s WebWare and TechCrunch “announcing” the launch of Flickr Video hosting (complete with samples). But as far as anything official from Yahoo, only the rumor itself has been confirmed as rumor, albeit in a Flickr video — irreverent teaser from Stewart Butterfield and Heather Champ (with puppets) on the Flickr blog:

Hopefully this will be live later today (as rumored)!



  • had no idea how ridiculously my Tweets have ramped up since February until checking @TweetStats. Just realizing how annoying I must be ;-D #
  • @techcrunch demo’d the power of services tuning in and responding to web 2.0 chatter. And the power of Twitter? Ask the chicken @twitgeistr #
  •’s "First Annual" Blog Index?!? Disconcerting to see "2007" in the URL but nonetheless, see you atop @techmeme. #
  • super-neato design by @apelad up for grabs at Shirt.Woot! — #
  • FINALLY summarizing my notes / conclusions / lessons from SXSW. now to regurgitate state of the industry onto powerpoint. and legibly so. hm #
  • @laughingsquid Jim Kosek is my F’in hero. #
  • 9 days since Zimbabwe vote and we dont know who won? That would NEVER happen in the United States! Err, wait a minute… #
  • sorry bout that. not seeing the immediate value of this thing and done playing around for now. I have invites if you wanna try. #