• had no idea how ridiculously my Tweets have ramped up since February until checking @TweetStats. Just realizing how annoying I must be ;-D #
  • @techcrunch demo’d the power of services tuning in and responding to web 2.0 chatter. And the power of Twitter? Ask the chicken @twitgeistr #
  • Time.com’s "First Annual" Blog Index?!? Disconcerting to see "2007" in the URL but nonetheless, see you atop @techmeme. http://rurl.org/naj #
  • super-neato design by @apelad up for grabs at Shirt.Woot! — http://shirt.woot.com/ #
  • FINALLY summarizing my notes / conclusions / lessons from SXSW. now to regurgitate state of the industry onto powerpoint. and legibly so. hm #
  • @laughingsquid Jim Kosek is my F’in hero. #
  • 9 days since Zimbabwe vote and we dont know who won? That would NEVER happen in the United States! Err, wait a minute… #
  • sorry bout that. not seeing the immediate value of this fav.or.it thing and done playing around for now. I have invites if you wanna try. #

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  1. Would like a fav.or.it invite if still available… braband (at) gmail (dot) com. Cheers.

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