Bay Area Livin’

Began online / multimedia internship w/ San Jose Mercury News. This will be a fun and productive 10 weeks.

Also decided today that I will be living in San Francisco and found a great joint in Cole Valley.


Found trashed monitor right across the street from the place too — why is GarbageScout/SF out of commission? Anyone?

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Cartoon: ‘A Fair(y) Use Tale’

Found this excellent satire/mashup via WFMU blog Apparently it’s been up on Stanford CIS blog since March. In it, cartoon characters from Buzz Lightyear to the Little Mermaid explain copyright law.

Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University provides this humorous, yet informative, review of copyright principles delivered through the words of the very folks we can thank for nearly endless copyright terms.

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Ear to the Ground: PDF2007

PDF Conference/UnConferenceKeeping all lines open for updates from Micah Sifry’s Personal Democracy Forum kicking off in New York today.

Lessig and Eric Schmidt / Tom Friedman already, and it’s not even noon out there. Full schedule here.

Keep live-blogging, folks — good stuff!

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World Association for Newspapers: Industry ‘Vibrant and Growing’

So I’m not the only one sick of hearing TribCo and others kowtowing to Wall Street’s unnecessarily irrational expectations.

Last week, Gavin O’Reilly, President of WAN, presented “the facts, not the myths, about newspapers” to a group of investors, analysts, and correspondents at WAN’s first Capital Markets Day in London.

Among the findings (PDF):

    • Paid-for circulations grew 1.9 percent over 12 months and 8.7 percent over five years. With free newspapers, global circulation grew 4.3 percent year-on-year.
    • Free daily newspaper circulation more than doubled over five years, to 40.8 million copies a day
    • More than 1.4 billion people now read a newspaper daily
    • Paid-for daily titles surpassed 11,000

Thanks to JoHo for the heads up and Center for Media Research. CC-licensed photo by Sarah.