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LA Times’ Steve Lopez Speaks at USC Annenberg Commencement


The inspiring and occasionally hilarious Points West columnist delivered the commencement address to graduating undergrads and graduate students of USC’s Annenberg School of Journalism last Friday.

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Expo Line Project

Thanks to input on our forums, we’ve decided to change the title and URL of our Expo Line project. Alas, the original naming was the result of 30 seconds of name-shouting and URL-entering with little consideration of our intentions as a one-time project with a potentially endless lifespan on the Web. To learn more and discuss Los Angeles’ planned Exposition Line light rail from downtown to the sea, have a look.


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As noted on one of the above tabs — is now live. This is a project I did as part of an Advanced Online Journalism course at USC Annenberg School for Communication. My colleagues on the project who did much of the excellent reporting and design were Justina Ly, Maya Meinert, and Katie Riese. I only wish we had more time to really pimp out the Flash map and interactivity action.

ExposingExpo examines the issues and concerns surrounding Los Angeles MTA’s Expo Line — it’s first phase and more controversial second phase proposals.

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Graduate With Grace

Days away from walking out of LA with a graduate diploma in Online Journalism. More on that later. Today, I send you to my LAist post in which I rip apart Nancy Grace.

Previous Grace-bashing here.