How to Make YouTube and Chromecast More Social

Adding a subscriptions tab to profile pages would make YouTube more social, greatly improve Chromecast viewing and empower both users and creators while bolstering views. If it were easier for YouTube users to see what their friends were watching, it would make it easier — and more fun — to discover new programming and subscribe to more channels on YouTube, while empowering the personal profile/channel as a social platform.

YouTube Chromecast Subscribe to Channels“Google doesn’t get social media.” This sentiment’s been bandied about since the dawn of social in the mid-aughts. Google executive chairman of the board Eric Schmidt even admitted recently that his biggest regret as CEO was “not anticipating the rise of social…”

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Yet Another Obama Speech

Last week, we watched Obama address the great state of California, promising “brighter days ahead.” Tonight, in his second national prime time address, the country still needs to get a grip. We’ll watch online via the ever-trusty and crisp-pictured Hulu player:

For instant analysis of a rather unsubstantive speech with many weak and redundant questions, see the caucus.