Why Does the Government Lie to Us? – an open thread

We have seen from a distance how the broken promises the Government made to the people of Iraq has led to disaster at home and abroad. Now, we’ve seen a complete breakdown in democracy at our doorstep as the President has stared right into the camera and lied to the public and to the desperate and dying. “The Convention Center has been secured,” he said the other day, which apparently meant that FEMA had finally begun to assist those who were unknowingly (to them) trapped and dying there.

Welcome to those of you who have discovered this new blog. With your help, we can use this thread to digest recent events, lies and distortions, and how the media has acted to broadcast and proliferate these lies.

How can the powerful media and bureaucracy help to restore democracy to our vulnerable citizenry?

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  1. honestly i ask myself the same questions about the government all the time.  Why do we put our faith in the government which has lied to us for ages. Why do we have to turn the other cheek but they dont. Do we pay taxes so the unemployeed users and alcoholics can live comfortably while the rest of us hard working americans lose our homes. broken promises, scandals, LIES!!!

  2. The government has been lying for a long time accross the board. Recruiters lie about promises made when you sign on; the government lies about WMD; lies are told to us about our college degrees that are not recognized in some states. Lying is also omission as to why doesn't the government release information about chemtrails, ufo's, and a host of other things. Lying is systemic in govenment as well as the corporate world. Who was Kenneth Ley protecting and now Bernie Madoff. Our rule of law today is “selective proceution.”

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