Video and Photos: LA’s Spirited, Peaceful Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Los Angeles joined in protesting Wall Street and corruption at the crux of politics and corporate welfare on Saturday October 1 with a well-organized march and rally. As many as 1,500 took part in a march from Pershing Square to City Hall where #OccupyLA took to the Spring Street stairs leading up to the entryway before moving to the north lawn. Occupy Los Angeles unofficially began about a week prior, and roughly 15 people consistently showed up to nightly general assemblies (GAs) at Pershing Square to coordinate and plan for the best way to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protest.

I livestreamed — 3 videos are below in chronological order — apologies in advance for Ustream’s super-annoying pre-roll ads 😉

Marching from Pershing Square to City Hall:

Occupy Wall Street entered its 3rd week of protests in New York City this weekend but were met with some 700 arrests after thousands attempted to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. The arrests were a climactic result of testier behavior on the part of both protesters and police. In Los Angeles there was literally no LAPD presence, aside from assisting with patrolling both foot and auto traffic during the six block march to City Hall.

At LA City Hall North Lawn:

Careful advance planning by OccupyLA organizers with LAPD and city officials led to a peaceful day-in-the-park atmosphere. Organizers consistently called out through megaphones to not deface any property (although City Hall walls did get hit with chalk — see photos above) and had volunteer security kept people on the sidewalks during the parade. About half a dozen lawyers in neon green hats were present to negotiate and communicate between authorities and organizers. The mantra of the protest: “We are the 99 percent” was consistent and it seemed to be a message that both protestors and authorities could agree on.

It didn’t end there as many stayed overnight in City Hall Park to the south of the building with day 2 of the rally starting up early Sunday. Follow @OccupyLA on Twitter and hashtag #OccupyLA for more. Livestream below and at

Watch live streaming video from owslosangeles at

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