Twitter Updates for 2008-03-31

  • Songza is great! Can’t believe I found one of the songs that I co-wrote years ago there – the Nice Monster ver #
  • cracking up reading Jack Handey’s advance obituary. The man will forever think deeply, even in death, I’m betting. #
  • @whytuesday have fun with Ed Felten. You know that if hes blocked from chking the machines his students MUST be picking up the slack 😛 #
  • Have ideas for alternatives/derivates of the Rick Roll for April Fool’s? Please D msg or @netzoo me #
  • ooh those are both good ones @leh4 and @kthread, thanks. #
  • @laughingsquid AP/ESPN (Disney) are just backwards. To ignore Bush being booed is like not showing soldiers’ coffins. #
  • and thanks for following back @jpostman. I’ve long admired your work and perspective on social media! #
  • rain delay at Wrigley. Even more reason to believe it’s gonna be an historic year – the suspense – always nice to start the year undefeated #
  • @viss @nrek LA G33k D1nner — the BBQ version in either May or June. I’m always happy to host and provide keg + bbq, sunshine and two patios #
  • @nrek (and all other Tweeps) anytime you’re in the area! (plus, I’m just a short walk through the park (Elysian) to Dodger Stadium. Spring! #
  • the temptation to go postal just increased: coworker here in production is forced to record George Michael singing Father Figure on live TV #
  • LA peeps who like punk & weirdos: Jay Reatard & Mika Miko at All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock, 8:30. This will be FUN! #
  • want me to pitch your company / startup / whatever in Australia in late Dec. early Jan? Trying to rationalize this asap: #
  • I’d like to thank the Rookie of the Year to be: Kosuke Fukudome! 3 for 3 w/ game-tying 3-run HR in bottom of the 9th! Go Cubs! #
  • relax @busblog, I’m pretty sure the Cubs lost in extra innings first game of the year in 1908 too. Also to a jacked-up Canadian named Gagne #

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