Twitter Updates for 2008-03-23

  • photos from the Pillow Fight in LA @ Pershing Square (by @viss): #
  • Dinner and drinks gave me hed hertz. And i still havent been to my seven grand home all month. Lame, I koow, lame i know #
  • spring is def. here w/ automatic sunrise wakeup to woodpeckers and the scent of green florals wafting through the window. work must be done! #
  • @ethank tough q. I know Kaldi is open but it aint no. Costco. maybe Home Depot is open? #
  • Very productive and yummy brunch/brainstorming sesh @chefjoanna?s. Now back to reg sched worldsaving duties. And, Atwater farmers mkt is go #
  • ack, don’t believe the hype, @davewiner, milan ain’t the original dog whisperer… just first to trademark it: #
  • taxes are filed. everything I get back from Federal goes to the state, plus more. Thanks for helping me w/ school payments, Arnie. NOT! #

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