Tragedy in Afghanistan

Six chidren killed Tuesday morning when a rocket explodes in their schoolyard.

I am ready to quit blogging about war and politics and all of the horrible, seemingly uncontrollable shit that is nearly impossible for a news-crazed, internet junkie like myself to avoid.

But with all the yammering that continues regarding Iran, Iraq, and the increasingly less surprising revelations from the White House…

… how about a little perspective.

The U.S. has turned over operations in Afghanistan largely to UK-led UN forces, however, this particular rocket, according to first reports, landed just short of a U.S.-led coalition base, landing instead “in the yard of Salabagh School in Asadabad.”

“Shrapnel from the rocket slashed through the children who were studying in the yard because there aren’t enough school buildings,” Hasan said. “Six were killed.”

This is the Afghanistan we liberated and “fixed,” just over four years after allegedly driving the vicious Taliban regime out of power.

This rampant irresponsibility is downright sickening – and everyone is to blame.

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