Slain American Hostage Was Bound, Shot

tom foxshame, shame, shame.

Dare say he was killed because he was the American:

“There’s certainly a hope that if indeed Tom Fox was targeted because of his American citizenship and the role of the U.S. in leading this war, that perhaps the others would be spared,” said co-director Doug Pritchard.
Prophetic leader hath allowed a Christian Peacemaking Team member to die at the hands of kidnappers in a land in which we have tens of thousands of troops?

Mr. Fox, rest in peace, was well aware of the danger of being in Iraq, no matter the extend of blind goodwill intended. As he wrote, “fighting was always the wrong answer.”

Unacceptable. Apparently the problem lies in the org’s middle name? Its time we all pray, because the loss of this peace-seeking believer is expendable to this holier-than-thou government.

If it is so certain that good will prevail…. how can it be so difficult to rescue those captured by infidels — I mean, at least look out for your own!!

The only acknowledgement of the war on terror is direct denial in the form of imaginary press releases, and no condolences:

The three Christian Peacemaking Team colleagues of Tom Fox — 74-year-old retired md professor Norman Kember of London, James Loney of Toronto, and Harmeet Singh Sooden, a Canadian studying in New Zealand — appeared on a silent video tape this week. They have been held hostage in Iraq since November 2005.

This is among the more horribly distressing stories our of Iraq in recent days. Even more unsettling is the fact that American — or ANY — innocents being held hostage in Iraq cannot count on the assistance of the government most responsible for their fate.

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