Sam Alito??? I sure don’t hope so!

Samuel AlitoIs Bush’s new pick for SCOTUS justice – Sam Alito, nickname “Scalito,” – a hard-core conservative…. or just a heartless asshole? read his dissension in the 1990 Planned Parenthood v. Casey case in which the 3rd Circuit struck down a Pennsylvania law that included a provision requiring women seeking abortions to notify their spouses:

The Pennsylvania legislature could have rationally believed that some married women are initially inclined to obtain an abortion without their husbands’ knowledge because of perceived problems — such as economic constraints, future plans or the husbands’ previously expressed opposition — that may be obviated by discussion prior to the abortion

in other words: the state can tell a woman that she must check with her spouse before she gets an abortion.

Anti-abortion is one thing… but it sounds like this guy is just a JERK!

His confirmation should not go smoothly.

The opposition speaks in WaPo’s SCOTUS blog.

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  1. Republicans have been in the office for the past 8 years and they haven't done anything about it, so to think that McCain will do something about it is, well, foolish. I mean, You're still able to have an abortion, that also hasn't changed. McCain would have kept it like that. It doesn't matter if rates have dropped, if you're still able to have an abortion, then you're still able TO HAVE AN ABORTION!

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