Saddam doesn’t show – unexcused absence

No doctors’ note, but no matter – who’s gonna be your Mesereau now?

Condoleezza Rice’s [non-se-qui] tour of Europe continues.

To be bland… some of Secretary Rice’s speech is downright horrifying:

“Last year, then Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet recalled that our earlier counterterrorism successes included “the rendition of many dozens of terrorists prior to September 11, 2001.”

I’d explain.. but isn’t that convincing enough?

BBCNews has a run down of this mornings European headlines… it almost reads like the 80’s — when the U.S. was the fuckin’ shit! — but not.

“Renditions take terrorists out of action, and save lives.”, says Ms. Rice

Die Welt: “Let us not indulge in hypocrisy”
Berliner Zeitung:”You cannot fight terrorism with terrorism”
Austria’s Der Standard :”Condoleezza Rice’s empty words were dry and unsatisfactory”
Hungary’s Nepszabadsag: “We will probably never find out the full truth about the alleged CIA prisons.”
France’s Liberation:”George W Bush and his clique are wrong to think that anything goes in the fight against terrorism even if the law suffers collateral damage as a result.”

ooh….. tsssssssss

Slovakia’s Pravda: “The era of secret agents is over, here comes the era of strong muscles – Bond turned Rambo.”

I kid you not. Stallone is the next Bond.

And now, this:

check out the final Annenberg Radio pieces at

and save these for… :

Abuse ‘widespread’ in Iraqi prisons – CS Monitor 7 dec 2005

“Bush treats planet as his alone” Seattle Post-Intelligencer via The Independent, Wed 7 dec 2005

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