Protesting Students Threatened with Suspensions

As if it’s not fascist enough that USC (where I’m at grad school) has an actual “free speech zone,” which would imply that such freedoms are not ensured anywhere else on campus, yesterday a small group protesting the schools use of sweatshop labor for their products was given 10 minutes to disperse, or else:

The sit-in began about 11 a.m. and ended after the students were handed personally addressed letters that said, “I want to inform you that you have been placed on interim suspension from USC. ” The letters outlined eight charges of misconduct.

The three-page letters, signed by Denzil J. Suite, assistant vice president for student affairs, said that “effective 5 p.m. on April 10, 2007, you may not return to the University of Southern California.” It also added that “if you reside in university-owned housing, you must vacate your residence by 9 a.m. on April 11.”

They even CALLED the protesters parents! Unbelievable. Shame, shame, SC. Go here to support the efforts of SCALE.

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  1. Funny, those kids don’t look naked to me. I bet if they check the tags on their jeans & their shirts, they would state “made in China, Bangladesh, Indian, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, etc., etc.” It is impossible to buy clothing here that isn’t made somewhere else. Our garment industry in the US has been long dead, outsourced to other countries. As for “sweatshops”, who is to know? And who are we to say what dictates one in one of those other countries? Moreover, I can find a shirt at Target for $15 and pay $28 for it at Carson’s, so I say the problem are the corporate whores and not universities, and our Republicans who enjoy outsourcing all the jobs. The kids should go picket the White House, their legislators & some choice corporations.

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