North Korea to ditch ‘nuclear aims’ in exchange for U.S. energy, security

Iran is defending their use of nuclear energy, and North Korea has agreed to scrap their nuclear program in conjunction with China, Japan, and South Korea.

The Far East is keeping this in perspective and the U.S. should follow suit. Iran’s announcement to continue pursuing atomic energy projects appears troublesome. Reuters reports from Beijing that the real work lies ahead.

North Korea’s neighbors, S. Korea and Japan, received the news cautiously Monday.

BBCNews published a timeline of events since N. Korea first publicized its secret nuclear program in October 2002.

Monday’s papers report that the U.S. is pleased with the situation in Iraq despite the fact that over 250 civilians have been killed in suicide terrorist attacks in the past five days.

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  1. I think each nation is quite justifiably right to make headways in technology and to be thinking of a brighter future and to bring peace and fortune to its people and the people of the world and IRAN in this regard is not an exception,but what here every man of understanding from every parts of the world understands is that all this fuss over IRAN’s projects are politically oriented or better to say politically motivated against a nation which enjoys almost the most understanding people of the world and the most intelligent ones.People who were brutally killed during 8 years of imposed war by every destructive weapons(chemichal ) used by IRAQ.While IRAQ had been equipped and pampered in each of these dark years by America and no body at that dark era cared at all that a life was very important and not retreivable if lost .No attempts ,no announcements made to stop US, GERMANY and FRANCE from futher support of the terrorists therefore futher selling of chemical and bio weapons toIRAQ.After the dark war ceased ,then, again Iran was the first to take every step to make peace at home and among the neighboring countriesand peace was indeed what we ,people really needed .Yes, here in Iran we people all want to achieve any useful technology as we are part of the modern world and we should have started sooner not to fall behind and we want all these just for peace .So , the question is that how and why an EVIL like France having a long history in killing Algerians announces that they have any reason to use nuclear weaponsand to threaten any one they themselves may one day guess not as a friend and no one in the world start asking a question about .Is the French president beginning a new round of Natzi campaign? , a new crusades ?any thing like that ?then who are the alliances? US?the heros of the modern world ?the killers of people in Hiroshimsa and Nakazaki? the answre is clear . So, it’s better for you all guys working for the press to end these childish bow wow play .Perhaps ,when you grow up ,you’ll see the things in a better light .

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