• woah @mickipedia I was just grabbing the Lucent Dossier link and you beat me to it. Great way to folo CC Salon. Creativitay Wednesday. noice #
  • Stopping at Pehrspace to rock out a little #
  • Whaddup with Julian Schnabel lending his name to Mastercard to MUCK UP my New Yorker? Booo! #
  • righteous, @mamalogues, but if Rev. Jeremiah Wright were following you on Twitter, would you block or simply denounce? That is the question. #
  • @stevegillmor sad day for democracy when ABC airs a "live" debate at 8 p.m. Eastern AND Pacific. http://fpc.state.gov/fpc/102450.htm Stream? #
  • ABCs WPVI red alerting of upcoming live-stream: Bush talking Climate Change. With the Pope?!? Somebody pinch me. http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi #
  • Requesting StopBadware.org review to get Small Print Project off the blacklist. What gives (irony aside)? http://smallprint.netzoo.net/ #
  • @acarvin I’d love to see more embeddable audio/video clips on more NPR sites, ala KCRW: http://www.kcrw.com/music/programs/mb/mb080415eels #