• @marcohansell see @mikeprasad re: Roosevelt tonight. I’ll be there around 9ish. #web2expo is this week in sf: http://www.web2expo.com/ #
  • Missed yall at the Roose tonite. Will see ya up north Weds evening! #
  • OMG I think I just joined LisaNation – will @adora be the next @mahalodaily host? I’d sure be watching fwiw @jasoncalacanis http://is.gd/7KU #
  • rockin out to Battles on the Coachella mediaplayer. Geez, it’s not THAT bad, @sloane ;-P http://coachella.com/media #
  • good Q @jacobsoboroff I was at a previous incarnation of Netsquared a year ago. other option: drinking liberally @ Nocturnal Bar in SaMo #