• My bad, @sarahatwood and dozen others also return tmrw. Will @jasoncalacanis @1938media @alexalbrecht be unseated by the real paula abdul? #
  • At the Galaxy match. There were star spangled fireworks. Shehechiyanu, call me Eliyahu. Leave the door open, k? #
  • @schwagon @rhetor pleasure. Sorry for rushing, furthur tweaks to come #
  • @marshallk just pimped twitter hardcore on BBC World tnday. It was boss… #
  • But the british accented breakdown of twit-ter-ing and tweets was a reminder that this Internet thing aint but a silly fad. BBC #
  • @astral you’re welcome to my patio anytime! i’ll be here working until 4. #
  • an LAPD helicopter made an emergency landing on San Vicente at Melrose around 11 this morning. anyone have pics? (no injuries, etc, bytheway #