Lollapalooza 2006 — Being There… Virtually

Got some links to video shot this weekend at Lollapalooza. Wish I coulda been there but at least there’s the flickr photostream, Blueroom video and youtube:

VIDEO – click to watch:
Sonic Youth plays “Schizophrenia”
Flaming Lips – “Yoshimi”
Wacky Interview with the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne
Gnarls Barkley are the ‘Champions’

more video here.

Check for more archival video in the AT&T Blueroom HERE.

Lolla ’06 photostream via Flickr (tagged lollapalooza2006):

Best shots I’ve seen are from 5500 (Matt Peck — amazing Sleater-Kinney shots!) and chromewaves (Frank Yang).

So how was Lolla weekend?

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  1. Hola from Chicago, just caught Sunday night, but right away I noticed the improvements over last year, no more sound bleeds from the stages set too close together, and we got a reprise from the sweltering temps and humidity. This time there were two large separate areas set up three blocks apart. Each area had two stages set up at opposite ends with only one being active at any given time. Smaller stages were step up in between as well. They really did a good job in making everyone feel welcome as there was no search of your person if you didn’t have a bag and camera’s of all kinds were allowed to film what ever you wanted as long as they didn’t have a removable zoom. It seemed like everyone had a great time. The line up was much improved as well as they had more time to book bigger bands. This did cause some conflicts in choosing which bands to see Queens of the Stoneage vs. Wilco to site one example. Alas these are good problems to have at a festival. After choosing Wilco they didn?t disappoint playing a nice set mixing old favs with new material. Their was a nice Jesus Ect. as the sun set over the skyline and I thought that a couple of the new tunes had potential. Tweedy was still sporting the full beard like he did at his solo show in LA. I heard that Queen?s rocked as well. Perry Ferrel’s buddies the Red Hot Chili Peppers put on a good show to close out the evening. Their high energy antics are always a good fit for large festivals. I was also impressed with John Frusciante who was playing some cool stuff on the guitar. One problem was that because it was the only act going on at the time it was extremely crowded and I had to watch most of it on the screens. My only other complaint was that I only caught the last night. You should defiantly come in for it next year. If we could only get Cubs to be in first place at the same time. Wait, sorry that’s just crazy talk! Thanks for posting those pics and vids very COOL.

  2. andy, these pics are awesome! looks like it is going to be a blast for the kids. what are people doing in jeans? pitchfork ’07 rules!

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