LA Times Opions Editor Resigns Over Grazergate

The utter ineptitude of Tribune Company man David Hiller returned en force this morning. Here’s why. The must-read is Andres Martinez’s explanation of why he was compelled to resign. Here’s part of it:

How we come about this decision when 24 hours ago the managing editor of this newspaper was assuring me he didn’t see a story after I walked him through the facts, and while Hiller maintains we did nothing wrong, is a bit perplexing. In trying to keep up with the blogosphere, and boasting about their ability to go after their own, navel-gazing newsrooms run the risk of becoming parodies of themselves.

UPDATE: Marty Kaplan says with Martinez — Out, it’s gotta be Seacrest time.

And LAObserved has full coverage, as always, if you haven’t already been there.