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Journey Lives, 50 dies tryin’

Here’s to throwing them under the bus!

Steve PerryYes, “Don’t Stop Believin” has become the team anthem. And I always thought it was meant for the Cubbies, but I guess I’ll be waiting ’til next year.

Los Angeles, meanwhile, is up in arms in protest of 50 Cent’s poster advertising his movie. Apparently, people think that the image of a black man cradling a baby with a gun tucked in his pants is not promoting a healthy lifestlyle.

It all comes back to the White Sox, who began the year with the bizarre marketing slogan “Win… or Die Tryin‘”
win or die tryin

By Andy Sternberg

Andy Sternberg is a digital strategist and marketing specialist with a focus on enhancing interactive and user experience through content and social media. He's been tweaking content and music-related websites since the '90s and has a Master's in Online Journalism. He's currently the head of Social & Digital Media at Rotary International. Find him on Twitter @andysternberg.

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