It’s Not About Health Care; It’s About Caring

Sure, LA has its own problems with hospital patients being dropped off in skid row, but how — as Joe Galloway so eloquently wrote — can the blinders stay drawn while our injured troops are left in blight within the Beltway?

I try not to get sidetracked with being pissed off at shocking injustices at the hand of our wickedly rich government, but, mind you, I do bother to read Froomkin daily, but sometimes — especially on the day after being brought back to reality from the sheer mechanics and mindless rhetoric of even the most hopeful of campaigns — I must vent.

Froomkin borrows from Dana Priest’s piece in today’s post in remarking on the White House and Tony Snow’s unbelievable non-reaction to the uninhabitable quarters on the Walter Reed campus (ask the DoD… it’s an “action item.”

“At the White House, press secretary Tony Snow said that he spoke with President Bush yesterday about Walter Reed and that the president told him: ‘Find out what the problem is and fix it.'”

I must admit I found that a bit odd: Asking the press secretary to fix a military hospital? Is Bush saying it’s just a PR problem?

Sadly, not taking care of our own is nothing new.

photo by poppyseed bandits

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