First Listen: New Wilco — ‘Sky Blue Sky’

wilco sky blue sky album coverWilco’s follow-up to 2004’s A Ghost Is Born is finally wrapped up and set to hit stores May 15. Last night, the band delivered the album in its entirety via their Web site, for anyone who wanted a preview.

I took advantage and was very happy that I did. As was evident in the Thanksgiving concert I attended, the band is moving confidently in a new direction, in which both the key ingredients of Nels Cline on lead and Glenn Kotche on drums tighten up. The songs are less experimental sounding than on the previous two records, but still Kotche and Cline’s wildly unique and at times improvisational styles are allowed to shine. This is very much Tweedy’s record, with several 70’s-style, shorter ballady songs. But nothing to slow. I’d say it’s the most definitive Wilco record to date, reflecting their progression from the rootsy sounds of A.M. through the aurally complex and looser compositions that dot YHF and Ghost.

Listen to “Walken” and “Impossible Germany.”

Hear more of the new stuff on this live recording from last November at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago.

7 Replies to “First Listen: New Wilco — ‘Sky Blue Sky’”

  1. Thanks Cory — I was hoping someone would bark back at Jake by now!

    I agree with you, this record is awesome, it improves with every listen.

  2. Maybe Jake would appreciate a new Britney Spears album. Walken is a fantastic song on so many levels. I absolutely love this album, possibly their best.

  3. I love Wilco, I think they’re the best band in American history, but come on, this sounds like stuff they’ve already done before. Walken sucks, I’m sure of it now.

  4. Jake, you are a child molester and have no taste in music. Please keep your absurd opinion to yourself and leave the kids alone.

  5. The lyrics sound kind of clunky. Walken sounds like a White Stripes song. Impossible Germany would sound right at home on A Ghost is Born. Not bad songs, but I hope the rest are better.

    On another note, I LOVE the cover art. That’s like, my new favorite cover ever.

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